This blog draws together volleyball-related information for all. We will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to your overall well being.

All You Need To Know About Volleyball

Strength and Power

Volleyball is a sport dominated by strength and power. Players need power in their legs to get high in the air and strength in their upper body to spike, block, and dig balls. Players with explosive power heightens on the court.

Health and Flexibility

Not only do volleyball players need to be skilled, strong, and powerful, they also need to be healthy. Volleyball is a high-impact sport and with all the jumping, landing, cutting, and planting, an athlete’s body can take a beating.

Jumping and Agility

Volleyball requires explosive jumps and rapid changes in direction. The ability to jump high is treasured amongst volleyball players because of the importance for spiking the ball as well as defending spikes from opponents.