It’s not a surprise that volleyball is among the most favored recreational sports in the world. The rules are pretty straight forward, you won’t need extensive skills to play, and, most importantly, it is fun. For these reasons and even more, getting your own volleyball set is absolutely essential for any family or friend group who really enjoy the sport.

At times the most affordable item happens to be the most costly. Thus in case you are thinking about quality which will last and will be less expensive in the long term, examine your options. Volleyball equipment is a good investment which will serve you for a season or a lifetime. Look around and think about purchasing a volleyball net set which has the features you’re searching for and would last over time.

Considerations in Picking Volleyball Sets

Considerations in Picking Volleyball Sets - Purchasing The Best Volleyball Set

Portable vs. permanent

Portable volleyball sets are ideal for family travels and picnics. Preferably, they’re easy and quick to set up in nearly every environment, though they are not always the most durable choice.

Permanent sets may be used either outdoors or indoors and have a regulation sized net. The poles and net in a permanent set are created to endure rough play, while a portable set is not designed for such serious game.


Even from the portable volleyball set classification, there exists a minimum degree of durability which should be expected. Take notice of the materials of the net and also the poles. The thicker the poles, as well as the textile of the net, the more sturdy and long-lasting they’ll likely be. A thick, synthetic nylon net is generally the strongest on the market. Hollow steel polls that is at least 3 inches in diameter are best for long-lasting durability.

Net size

A regulation outdoor volleyball net is thirty two feet long by thirty-nine inches tall. Portable recreational nets are often much smaller, and eventually less durable. Make a decision what net size works best for your usage and try to make your purchase depending on that preference. If you intend to play with little kids, a regulation net is most likely not for you.

Playing location

If you intend to play volleyball over a sandy beach, you’ll have various needs for your set compared to if you will play in the gymnasium. Choose your set depending on your most likely area of regular play.

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Volleyball Equipment - Purchasing The Best Volleyball Set

Boundary markers

A few volleyball sets include boundary markers. This is particularly beneficial if you wish to play a real game instead of simple rallying for entertainment. You can find boundary markers made out of plastic, wood, as well as rubberized. If you prefer a complete set that will enable you to play by standard rules, think about having a set with boundary markers.


A few volleyball sets include a pump for always keeping your volleyball correctly inflated. Even though this is a handy add-on, the pumps offered with the majority of sets aren’t the most durable and could break right after a short time. This is true even with lots of the more costly sets. We suggest purchasing a separate, top-rated pump in case you will use your volleyball set many times.

Carrying bag

A lot of portable volleyball sets include a handy carrying bag for carrying it and keeping it arranged. The more costly the set, the more costly the bag will often be. Better sets could have a more durable and thick bag, while the more affordable sets will offer cheaper bags.


The majority of volleyball sets cost in between $25 and $250, though professional, permanent sets may cost more than $1,000.