Setters have a very great responsibility in order to lead the team on the floor. As most of us know, the skills of a setter can make or break the team in volleyball. The setter’s capability to set consistent, well-placed balls into the hitters could be the distinction between winning and losing. Setters must be quick, prepared to move to any ball which comes along their way, and always ready to make fast decisions on where to send the ball as well as when. Look into the following volleyball tips to improve your setting tactics and take your game one stage further.

Regardless of how your body and hands are positioned, skills for setting must be consistent. That is, your volleyball hand technique for playing the ball needs to be the same each time you try to set.

Learning the Volleyball Set - Tips For Getting The Perfect Volleyball Set

Learning the Volleyball Set and Right Mechanics

Studying hand position for setting:

  • Having your hands down facing you, place all 10 fingertips together (thumbs in contact with each other, index fingers in contact with each other, etc) having all the fingers spread wide.
  • Raise both hands up over your head having your fingers still touching.
  • Pull your elbows off to the sides.
  • Pull your hands aside simply far enough to ensure that the ball fits in between them.

Contacting the ball

Contacting the ball - Tips For Getting The Perfect Volleyball Set

The fingers are the sole section of your hand which touches the ball, not the palms. The thumbs, index fingers, as well as middle fingers are what you use along with your wrists to receive and push the ball.

The little fingers and ring finger simply provide you additional control whenever setting.

Skill progressions for creating clean hands…


Throw the ball to yourself, then simply catch the ball using your hands in the proper position.

Catch and push

Catch the ball in the right position. Following a pause, go on via a setting motion.

Shorter and shorter pauses

Focus on catching the ball using proper hand positions and slowly make the pauses shorter. While you are setting, concentrate on taking spin off the ball.

Skills for Getting in Position to Volleyball Set

Getting in Position to Volleyball Set - Tips For Getting The Perfect Volleyball Set

The very best setter moves in a direct line into the ball and perform the set effectively to the hitter.

Setters must explode to the ball; come early having the hands up.

Proper skill footwork for transferring coming from the target position.

  • left-right-left
    Whenever you’re at the target awaiting the pass, get your bodyweight in your right foot prepared to take a step along with your left on the way to the passed ball.
  • big right, then left
    In case you’ve got accurate passers, a setter could easily get into position faster by taking a huge right step into the spot the ball is being handed. Following that huge step, pivot squaring up to the left antennae.

Even if you’re slow, you can still build great footwork to reach the ball quicker compared to other setters with poor tactic.

Skills for Pursuing the Ball

Pursuing The Ball - Tips For Getting The Perfect Volleyball Set

Setters must focus on reaching the ball first prior to emphasizing volleyball setting technique.

In case you can’t run and reach the ball efficiently, setting the ball will be a lot more challenging. A standard mistake beginning setter’s make is running after the ball having their hands up in the air.

Though you must get your hands up early prepared to volleyball set, you need to use your arms first to move to the ball.

Skills for Squaring Up

The most effective way to develop consistent sets is facing the target all the time. A great rule of thumb is to always face the left antennae whenever setting.

Utilize both your legs and arms to guide the ball and continue using both hands directed towards the target.