Volleyball Spiking Tips And Secrets

Volleyball hitting, also referred to as the attack or spike, normally takes place following the pass and set. Volleyball hitting could be split up into 4 steps. Such 4 steps are: approach, positioning, arm swing, as well as timing. Practicing volleyball hits and also executing hitting drills will certainly boost coordination as well as timing.


Approach-Volleyball Spiking Tips And Secrets

The hitter must line up a bit right behind the 10 foot line having their left foot a little bit in front and arms in the sides. The hitter must then leap forward using the right leg accompanied by the left. As soon as the hitter hops in front and plants their feet solidly on the floor they have to make sure that they are in front of the setter. And then they have bend over their knees and jump. The hitter also needs to swing their arms right behind while they plant their feet on the floor. Whenever leaping, the hitter must make use of their forward momentum in order to move upward. They need to move their arms way up and over their head. This movement could launch them higher the moment they jump.


Positioning - Volleyball Spiking Tips And Secrets

Whenever hitting, the hitter need to position themselves in order that the ball is at all times in front of them. This calls for practice. The reason being that the hitter needs to be able to judge where exactly the ball will be from the moment it leaves the setter’s hands. They likewise need to put themselves in the right place. In case the distance in between the ball as well as the hitter is just too huge, they will simply be able to tip the ball above the net. In case the ball is very close, the hitter needs to contort in mid-air in order to loop it above the net. This is the reason why the hitter has to be in the right place.

Arm Swing

Arm Swing - Volleyball Spiking Tips And Secrets

In order to strike the volleyball correctly, the hitter must swiftly take their left arm down right after they jump and move their shoulders and hips all around to strike the ball. The ball needs to be hit with the power of the entire body, not only with the arms and shoulders. The ball must be hit in the upper back part. It must also be hit using an open hand as well as spread fingers. The power on your ball must be downwards. This particular power must also be used whenever the hitter is at the highest height whenever jumping.


Timing - Volleyball Spiking Tips And Secrets

Hitters also have to time their particular approach to the ball. They need to strike the ball just as they’re coming all the way down from their jump. The ball could be in its highest height or at some other part of its trajectory, based on the height to which the hitter could jump as well as the speed of the ball. Timing goes along with practice. In the event the hitter is already coming down while striking the ball, they’re jumping too soon. At the same time, when the ball is at the height of the head when you’re striking it, you’re jumping far too late. Volleyball hitting is a vital and exciting portion of the game for both players and fans. Frequent practice as well as volleyball drills will polish the approach, arm swing, positioning, and timing of the hitter and also the coordination in between the setter and the hitter. The power of the hitter to gauge the timing and positioning of the ball while it leaves the setter’s hands is really a skill which is honed through practice.