Workout Routine for Volleyball Players

So what does it takes to become a great volleyball player? In fact, it’s a question encountered by a lot of athletes who wants to succeed in the game of volleyball. Certainly, it requires huge investment, time, planning as well as commitment to be a successful volleyball athlete. In addition, it’s extremely essential for a player to work hard and perform the proper type of volleyball exercises regularly. Remember that volleyball players have to do various kinds of exercises to boost their skills and prepare for matches.

It’s clear that attackers must concentrate on volleyball hitting exercises, defensive volleyball players must concentrate on blocking exercises, setters must concentrate on setting exercises and servers should do serving exercises. There are also a few volleyball exercises that should be carried out by every single volleyball player. Ensuring you have a complete workout routine is very important for volleyball players when preparing to get back out in the game! Below are great tips to get back to shape while preparing for volleyball game.


Conditioning Volleyball Players

Volleyball players need a higher level of stamina and endurance to be competitive on the court. Your training and preparation must mirror the pace of the game. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective style of conditioning for volleyball athletes. The following are a few examples of the best conditioning workouts.

Box Jumps – Get a twelve inch box. Jump into the box using both your feet and hop down continually for thirty seconds. Get a 15 second break and do it again.

Jump, Shuffle, Jump, Sprint – Begin with 3 squat jumps for height. Then shuffle backwards and forwards at a 10 foot distance, 3 times. Do again the 3 squat jumps for height. Finally, sprint twenty feet to and fro, 3 times. Have a thirty second second break in between each repetition.

Shuffles – Squat into an athletic position. Shuffle back and forth in a ten foot distance for thirty seconds. Have a fifteen second break and do it again.

It’s vital that you develop your strength so as to optimize your efforts on the court. Strength training can help boost your ability to move properly on the court and put power to your hitting and serving. Below are a few great strength exercises to include in your workout.

Strength Exercises Volleyball Players

Dumbbell squat to press – Pick up a set of dumbbells. Retain the dumbbells on top of your shoulder. Squat down while you hold the dumbbells. While you stand up, press the dumbbells over your head.

Good mornings – Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Put the barbell in your shoulders. Breathe in and bend your abdomen. Exhale and hinge forward in your hips. While you stand back up, make sure your lower back doesn’t curve.

Lateral lunge with a press – Get a weight which you feel relaxed pushing out in front of you. Retain the weight in front of the chest. Have a big lateral step out, maintain one leg straight while sitting back on the other half leg in a squat. During the squat, press the weight out in the front of you. Making use of your squat leg, push yourself back into the middle while taking the weight back into your chest.

Rest day

Restday Volleyball Players

Your body requires time to recover coming from difficult workouts. Put aside 1 or 2 days per week for the body to enjoy the benefits from all of your hard work! Simply because it’s a rest day does not imply you must simply sit around. Have a walk outdoors or play one more sport with a few friends. Keep in mind that recovery days are simply as essential as the days you spend while working out. Hydrate and fuel your body with healthy foods so your body can get ready for another week of hard training!