During these present times, the toughest and most ironic unifier is merely: the unknown. We all have been uncertain when we will begin and continue “normal” practices, training, as well as competitions. We are uncertain what the rest of the 2021 junior season appears like. We anxiously wait to have something to understand so that it will relaxed our heightened nerves.

A lot of clubs have responded by simply ramping up virtual opportunities to maintain their players mentally and physically sharp, together with binding their club and teams as a single unit. Virtual team meetings could be challenging. This is uncharted territory for everybody. We’re here to assist with ideas for your forthcoming team meeting.

We’re all adapting to the new normal this particular volleyball season. Below are great tips to help you make the conversion to remote coaching.

Host a Virtual Book Club

Host a Virtual Book Club - Ways to Virtually Build Your Team and Club Culture

You can find excellent books on mindset, leadership as well as excellence. What better time rather than now to polish skills such as these?

Step 1: Opt for a book. In case you (or your athletes) can’t go to a bookstore at this time, choose one that’s in stock online or think about an eBook.

Step 2: Think of a schedule for the number of pages your players have to read each week and have the very first club meeting on the calendar. We also suggest starting up a group chat in order to keep everybody responsible.

Step 3: While you read, share motivating quotes or favorite passages on the group chat in order to keep one another inspired.

Step 4: Get every player come to the meetings along with a question or discussion topic. By doing this, everybody will have something to share with you.

Group Workout

Group Workout - Ways to Virtually Build Your Team and Club Culture
Fitness coach teaching yoga online to group of people. Yoga trainer demonstrating yoga poses to students via video conference.

It could be difficult for sports athletes to find motivation to practice alone. If that’s the situation for your team (and even if it’s not), a virtual workout may be a great way to maintain one another responsible and provide athletes a feeling of accomplishment. Simply make certain to set a plan together in advance. In case you don’t, the pause it requires to decide what workout to carry out next could mess up your own rhythm.

Pro tip: Take the pressure off yourself. Have members flex their leadership skills by simply assigning at least one to lead every workout.

Play a Game

These following two do not have anything to do with volleyball, that could be a great change of pace. Choose a game or two (such as Heads Up! or Houseparty) to place your athletes’ competitiveness to the test and have a great time.

Online Cooking Class

Online Cooking Class - Ways to Virtually Build Your Team and Club Culture

Training life skills, to be with each other and eating great food? Feels like a win-win-win. Choose a recipe to cook along with your team virtually. Show the recipe ingredients which they’ll require in advance so that your team can plan a grocery pick-up (or Instacart order).

Review Video Together

Competitions aren’t taking place, however that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t watch volleyball. Do a search for a collegiate or professional competition on YouTube. Get your team choose a player in a similar position and compose 5 items about what they’re doing well. So how does the old saying go, “Monkey see, monkey do?”

You may also select a match you submitted to Hudl and train your players the way to review film. Help remind them to not concentrate on how amazing the kills and stuff blocks are, but narrow in on footwork as well as timing as being an attacker, or find out if they’re releasing prematurily from base on defense.